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Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road

Because he ran out of juice

What do you call a banana that likes to dance?

A banana shake!

Why aren't bananas ever lonely?

Because they come in bunches!

Why did my Mum say when she drank MY strawberry shake?

That was BERRY nice!

When do you go at red and stop at green?

When you’re eating Watermelon!

What’s the coolest vegetable?

A rad-ish!

Why do potatoes always argue?

Because they can never see eye to eye!

Why do fungi have to pay double bus fares?

Because they take up too mushroom.

Unscramble if you can!

How many seeds does a single pomegranate have?

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Between 600 - 1400 seeds!

Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale all belong to which family?

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The Cole Family

How many varieties of apples are grown in the world?

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more than 7,500 different varieties!

On average an ear of corn has….

800 kernels

in 16 rows.

Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob

Test your knowledge with our fun Quizz

Beefsteak’ is a variety of tomato. True or false? ‘

What is another name for maize?

India is the world’s largest producer of bananas. True or False

The range of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, grains, herbs and spices used in cooking are known as what?

Strawberries, raspberries, peaches and cherries are all related to which type of flower?

Which fruit has the most fibre:

Milk is sometimes called nature’s most nearly perfect food

Which food has the most protein?

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Strawberries are different from all other fruits because:

they grow seeds on the outside

Which fruit has more Vitamin C than an Orange?

Kiwi Fruit

More Jokes!

How does a lemon ask for a hug?

“Give us a squeeze!”

What did the apple skin say to the apple?

I’ve got you covered!

Why did the guy get fired from the orange juice factory?

He couldn’t concentrate!

What is Dracula's favourite food?


Why shouldn’t you tell secrets in a farm?

Potatos have eyes, the beans-talk and the corn have ears!

What do you call two banana peels?

A Pair of Slippers!

What is the most popular fruit in the whole world?

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What do all four of these things have in common?

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They are all fruits because they all contain seeds

What super power will these fruit and veg give you?

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Great eyesight

A bunch of bananas is called a hand

and a single banana is called a finger!

Is an avocado a Fruit or a Vegetable?

It's a Fruit!

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